There’s a kind of gentle barbarism about these poems. A sense of something feral scratching away at the heart of things, uncovering the raw, fleshy pulp within. McPherson’s poems dare us not to look away; they address our inner fears at what lies beneath.

Haunting at times, particularly by past trauma and family relationships, this collection bares its teeth, and McPherson pulls off the feat of conveying humanity as both tender and violent – and often at the same time. – JP Seabright (Fragments, Beir Bua, 2022)

“Waterbearer focuses on an adult trying to come to terms with the impact of family dysfunction and childhood trauma. As a male survivor, Stuart explores the links between these experiences and the development of self concept and forms of masculinity. The pamphlet also covers the ways in which one attempts to cope and survive, and to protect their loved ones along the way. Stuart’s writing is beautifully lyrical and often weaves in the narratives of mythological characters. The poems have a haunting quality and depth of emotional insight which leaves a lasting impression on the reader. Waterbearer is an honest, thoughtful and compelling read which I cannot recommend enough.” Laylah via Goodreads, 2022