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“A welcome new voice in British Poetry” – Daniele Pantano

“I am haunted, mesmerized by the landscape that McPherson paints”- U.G Vilagos

“McPherson’s perilous mixture of vulnerability & concealment- like 90s grunge played on one of Cage’s prepared pianos- elicits emotions I didn’t know I possessed.”- Jaydn DeWald

“Refreshing & innovative in form & language, Stuart McPherson builds ‘a sudden meaningfulness’ again & again, bringing brilliant insight & lyrical surprise” – Anindita Sengupta

Stuart McPherson is a poet and writer from Leicester in the United Kingdom. His work has appeared in, or is forthecoming to appear in publications such as Butchers Dog Magazine, Poetry Wales, Anthropocene & One Hand Clapping. His debut micro-pamphlet ‘Pale Mnemonic’ was published in April 2021 by Legitimate Snack. His debut full length pamphlet ‘Water Bearer’ was published in December 2021 by Broken Sleep Books. His debut poetry collection ‘Obligate Carnivore’ is due to be published in August 2022, also by Broken Sleep Books. Stuart has peformed at many online and in person events, including the European Poetry Festival and the Cheltenham Poetry Festival.